[ZIMZALABIM IN PUBLIC CHALLENGE] Red Velvet (레드벨벳) - ‘짐살라빔 ‘ Dance Cover | ZIP.CODE : INDONESIA

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Hello! We are SAYVELVET, Red Velvet Dance Cover from SAYCREW! Now, we're back with Red Velvet's newest song, Zimzalabim! We're ready to bring you into magical world, so please watch, like, comment, subscribe and share to your friends!✨

Oh! Don't forget to check our other cover of Red Velvet's song, Really Bad Boy! ( http://ckclip.com/oRYJb8GhjqU ) 💥


VIRA as Irene
( http://instagram.com/vi.ra15_/ )

NITA as Wendy
( http://instagram.com/gispanitaj/ )

WINNIE as Seulgi
( http://instagram.com/kimdarlings/ )

VINA as Joy
( http://instagram.com/marv.na/ )

SAFIRA as Yeri
( http://instagram.com/pidewpie/ )

Cameraman and Editor
( http://instagram.com/yeolius/ )

Fanbase Support
( http://instagram.com/fakta.redvelvet/ )

Special thanks to KidCity and Transmart Cilandak for support our video! And also, thanks to Biya, Marin, Ilul, Hansei and Kevin!💖

Please keep support SAYCREW and Red Velvet as well!💜

We don't own the music and choreo, it belongs to SM Entertainment.


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