Most ADVANCED Animal Robots That Exist TODAY!

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10. Crabster
Designed by the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, the Crabster robot is one that is built to imitate and replicate the way crabs and lobsters move in the ocean.
While this may not seem like a major "deal" in terms of robotics, it has more uses than you think. After all, many species of crab and lobster are able to work and live in areas of the ocean that humans themselves cannot move in because of dangerous currents or terrain.

9. Handle the Ostrich Robot
In the animal kingdom, the Ostrich is the fastest bird on Earth in terms of running (clearly not flying), but it can get up to 43 miles per hour, and even change direction on a dime. To that end, multiple teams of people have worked on robots that mirror the way the Ostrich not only runs, but balances itself so that it can perform tasks quickly.

Standing for Marine Intelligence Robot, the MIRO is a robot fish that mimics what fish can do in many ways- Including how it can swim in any direction, avoid obstacles that are in its way, and more. The robofish was built by AIRO Inc, a company in South Korea, and they used two kinds of motors and a slew of distance measuring software to try and make sure that MIRO captured the lifelike movements of the fish it was based off of.

When it comes to insects, few are as reviled as the Cockroach, mainly because they're seen as one of the most disgusting and hard to kill bugs on Earth. However, when it came to making a robot at the University of California, Berkeley, they saw the Cockroach as a marvel of nature. Mainly because it, like certain other insects, could actually compress their bodies in such a way so that they could actually fit into cracks and small areas that they theoretically shouldn't have been able to get down.

6. Robird
What makes the field of robotics so interesting is that it can help all sorts of people with problems that humans can't fix themselves. For example, at airports, birds have a nasty habit of getting in the flight path of airplanes, and as you probably know, if a bird was to crash into the engine of a plane, it could destroy it, and potentially take the plane down. The team at Clear Flight Solutions came up with a very simple solution to this problem, a robot Falcon. Also called the Robird.

5. Pleurobot
In terms of engineering, the Pleurobot is definitely one of the more advanced animal robots in the world today. Mainly because the team at EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, not only molded this particular robot after a Salamander, they actually used x-rays of the creatures and x-rayed videos of the creature moving through land and water to make a robot that moves exactly like it. They even noted that they tracked 64 points of movement in the salamander's spine so that they could mimic its movements.

4. T8X
If you're the kind of person who wants an animal robot for themselves, and possibly wants to creep out anyone who doesn’t like spiders, the T8X is the robot you would want to get. This robot, as stated by the team at Robugtix, was made to look like a spider and move like a spider. Complete with eight legs, a spider-like body and shell, and you can even choose whether you want a hairy spider, or a smooth-legged spider.

3. SlothBots
The Sloth in the animal kingdom is known for its slowness. It barely moves, and when it does, it's very slow, so you would think that a robot modeled after this would be useless. But for two teams of scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology they felt the opposite. They admired how the sloth could stay in one place for most of its day, conserve energy, and yet still be aware of things. So, they developed a type of SlothBot to do just that, and serve great purposes in the process.

2. Bionic Kangaroo
The company known as Festo is actually rather famous for their repeated creations of robotic animals. And one year, they decided to make a robotic Kangaroo, and thus the Bionic Kangaroo was made. This robot, just as it sounds, is meant to move and hop just like a real Kangaroo would down in Australia. To that end, they succeeded in reproducing the motion.

1. MantaDroid
At the National University of Singapore, they decided to take their robotics building under the sea, and made what they call the MantaDroid. A robot that is built to look and swim like the aquatic wonder known as the Manta Ray.

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