Kiasu Singaporeans During CoronaVirus Outbreak

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It’s human nature to do some of the things we do during the epidemic. But DONT BE TOO KIASU LAH STOP HOARDING STUFF!

Produced by:
Thomas K @heythomask
Chrysan Lee @Chrysanlee
Nicholas Teo @hargaohunk

Written by:
Thomas K @HeyThomasK

Filmed and edited by:
Jason Hau @jasonkokotan
Justin Siu @jbsiu

Terence Then @TerenceThen
Chrysan Lee @ChrysanLee
Jason @Jasonkokotan
Keiji @Umeandhara
Priscilla @Prexixi
Justin Siu @jbsiu
Jaron Boey @jaron_boey
Nic @hargaohunk
Thomas @heythomask

Outro Song by MMXJ - www.youtube.com/mmxjofficial

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