How To Meal Prep on $3 A Day | Eatbook Vlogs | EP 49

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Meal prepping, or creating a few meals and portioning them out through the week, is an affordable and healthy alternative to buying food.

In this episode, we've got Yen and Rainier to prepare 5 meals that will last through the week with just $15. Throughout the week, we’ll see how the lunches hold out and what their colleagues think about them.

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Featuring (in order of appearance):
Yen Wong- http://www.instagram.com/yenwong22/
James Rainier - http://www.instagram.com/justispao/

Filmed By:
Stephen Kim - http://www.instagram.com/stephentaekim/
Maverick Chua - http://www.instagram.com/mavcly/

Edited By:
Stephen Kim - http://www.instagram.com/stephentaekim/

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[email protected]

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