Chester Bennington VS Corey Taylor (Vocal Battle)

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Chester Bennington VS Corey Taylor

They are 2 of the Best singers Post of 2000's.

I Didn't Represent This Video as a Purpose of Only Comparing Both of Them.
My Purpose Here Is To Show Both These Artists Incredible Singing Talent And How Skilled They Both Are.

Chester Bennington Was The Lead Vocalist and Songwriter of Linkin Park.

Corey Taylor is the Lead Vocalist of Slipknot.

Songs List -

LINKIN PARK (Chester Bennington) -

Numb - 00:01 - 01:08

Given Up - 02:23 - 03:12

Burn It Down - 04:05 - 04:52

SLIPKNOT (Corey Taylor)

Snuff - 01:09 - 02:22

Psychosocial - 03:13 - 04:04

Dead Memories - 04:53 - 06:14

Please Comment below who do you think is Better. Don't Be Biased
And Recommend Me More Vocal Battles in Comments.

Thanks To Slipknot and Linkin Park
They Hold Copyright© For all these Songs.
I am using Them as a Tribute to Both These Great Singers.
RIP Chester


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